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Why It's called the Uffizi Gallery

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What today is the most visited museum in Florence , was once an office for the administration of Florentine people. It was built in 1560 for the office purpose for the judicial and administration of Florence. Hence the name Uffizi, which means office in Italy.

In 1560, the first Duke of Florence Cosimo I de 'Medici ordered his favorite architect Giorgio Vasari for the construction of the Building. Other than architect Vasari, he was also a well known painter, historian and writer.

Vasari started to construct the building in the U Shape which one side is facing toward the Arno River and the other side is facing towards the courtyard. Vasari also constructed a secret corridor which connects the Uffizi Gallery to the the Pitti Palace on the other side of the Arno River. It is the longest ever man made corridor with the length of one kilometer. This corridor is today known as the Vasari Corridor all over the world.

In 1549, the building was bought by the Medici Family and became the residence for the family of the ruling duke of Tuscany.

Vasari died in 1574 and after his death the building was further constructed by Bernardo Buontalenti. He also designed an octagonal room called the Tribune which is now a private museum.

Cosmo wanted to place some of the artworks collected by Medici Family on the top floor of the building. His idea was realized by his son Francesco I de 'Medici in 1581 when he became the duke of Tuscany. The top floor of the building was converted into a museum which displays the incredible artworks of the Medici Family. There was no access to the museum to anyone except the special request.

It was finally opened for the public in 1765 when the last heiress of Medici Family Anna Maria Lodovica didn't want to shift the art collections outside Tuscany. She wants the collection to remain in Tuscany, especially in Florence.

Since then, Uffizi Palace became Uffizi Gallery and is now one of the most famous museums not only in Florence but also in Italy and Europe.


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Why It's called the Uffizi Gallery