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Visiting the Colosseum in Rome

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We all want for a perfect vacation from time to time to enjoy the beauty of life. And once in a life everyone prefers to visit the world famous historical sites. One such site is the iconic monument of Rome - The Colosseum.

The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world and the iconic landmark in the capital city of Italy - Rome. Colosseum attracts thousands of visitors everyday. It is also close to other Roman attractions like Roman Forum and Circo Maximus.

Here are some facts about Colosseum which will make your trip easy and interesting one.

Interesting facts about Colosseum

Colosseum was built in 80 AD under the reign of the first emperor of Rome, Vespasian. It was designed and constructed by the favorite artist of Vespasian named George Vasari. It is made up of stones and concrete. There are four floors and 80 entrances to the Colosseum. Colosseum can accommodate almost 60,000 spectators at a time. Historians mentioned that this largest amphitheater was built for the entertainment purpose of Roman People. It witnessed a number of bloody battles and animal hunts.

Rules and tips before entering

To avoid the long ticket lines, buy Colosseum online tickets to get direct access to the entrance. Don't carry heavy luggage as it is prohibited inside the Colosseum.

Selfie sticks and other profession photography equipment is also banned inside the Colosseum. You can carry an empty water bottle and fill up at the fountains inside the Colosseum.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to better explore the areas of the Colosseum.

Best time to visit

Although the Colosseum is busy throughout the year, it is best to visit the Colosseum during the low season of November to February. It is also a better idea to visit at least one hour before the closing time of 4.30 pm. We can also opt for the morning hours. Reach at the site 15 minutes before the opening hour and enter the Colosseum when it opens. The crowd at this time is low and increasing with time.

How to book tickets

There are many online sites which provide tickets for trips to the Colosseum in advance. There are certain tickets which are combined with several our packages which include the Roman Forum and other major attractions of Rome.


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Visiting the Colosseum in Rome