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Tips for visiting Disneyland in Paris

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Check the weather forecast before going

You should check the weather forecast before you are coming to Disneyland. Keep an eye on the weather of the park and dress accordingly for going there. Bring your raincoat if there is raining. It may be too hot or cold, so dress yourself according to the weather to feel comfortable and avoid turn your magical day into a nerve-racking experience.

Wear comfortable shoes whether it is good looking or not. Keep in mind that more comfortably you dressed, more fun you have in rides and roaming around in the park.

Avoid rush hours for lunchtime

At lunchtime, the crowd at the restaurants of Disneyland is on the peak because people rush there for having lunch. If you too want to have your food at lunchtime, you have to face a long queue at the restaurants. I would advise you don't gather at the restaurant at this time if you don't want to waste your time by waiting for the food at the restaurant's door. You can avoid doing this in two ways. You can bring your food from home because the food at the restaurants in Disneyland is expensive. The other way is to have snacks in the morning hours and wait for the rush to over at lunchtime and having your meal peacefully after the crowd is gone. It is up to you whether you choose the first option or go with the second one.

Bring or rent a stroller

If you are visiting Disneyland with a baby or children, it is better to enjoy your day with a stroller. You will have no fun if the children got tired. Allow your child to rest their legs in the stroller throughout the day. If you are a parent to a little baby, then ask for a baby switch card at the entrance. But if anyhow, you don't get the baby switch card, don't worry, talk to the staff about your situation at the entrance of each attraction. They will help you and you will enjoy your ride without any hassle.

Buy Tickets in advance

It is obviously is the place to visit with advance tickets. The ticket lines before the counter is very long, and some time it takes hours to wait for a ticket. To avoid the long lines buy Disneyland Paris tickets online. It is advisable to advance book online tickets at least a week before you go.

Use the fast passes

Fast passes allow you to avoid long queues at the entrance of each attraction. Try to get this to save your time. It is very practical and easy to use. You have to scan your ticket at the terminal of fast passes. A ticket will come out on which the time is indicating your ride. By use of this, you don't need to wait in line for your turn.

This is all about the tips for visiting Disneyland and I hope you will get plenty of useful information and tips and enjoyed reading this article.


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Tips for visiting Disneyland in Paris