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Mistakes To Avoid Before Travelling To Sagrada Familia

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Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous destinations in Europe. Visiting Sagrada Familia is definitely a worth and it is no surprise that thousands of people do this every day! This is actually one of the best Antoni Gaudi buildings out there!

However, I have also noticed Some mistakes that tourists tend to make which can turn into making their trip less enjoyable. So i thought to help you people out.

Here are Mistakes to Avoid Before Traveling To Sagrada Familia.

Not Clicking Pictures

Who forgets to take a picture while on a trip?

Make sure to keep your camera with you and charge your phone. You don't want to leave this majestic place, Sagrada Familia, without taking a few shots or maybe even some selfies, right? Trust me, the photo opportunities will be endless and you will be constantly photographing, especially if you visit this magical place in the late afternoon when the light changes the scene in the most beautiful way!

Not Wearing Proper Clothes

In the end, it is still important, even if the rules are not as strict as in the Vatican , Sagrada Familia is a church after all and you should dress modestly when you decide to see it. When you actually go there, you will see that many people are wearing shorts or skirts, but I suggest you avoid showing cleavage or wearing mini skirts, even if it is to honor this sacred place!

There is one exception, however: the basement of Sagrada Familia can only be seen during the month and only when you are dressed appropriately. In the end, it is always better to be safe than sorry and you want to avoid not entering this majestic place!

Not Purchasing Tickets in Advance

Thousands of people go there every day to see Gaudi's work from inside. Does that sound terrible to you? There is no need to worry! You only have to book Sagrada Familia tickets in advance!

A very common question people ask me is "how should I book my tickets to Sagrada Familia in advance?". While Sagrada Familia tickets can be purchased online up to 2 months in advance, in the high season, I would recommend booking your trip for at least 5-7 days to ensure your desired day and time.

Not Booking Guided Tour

Sagrada Familia is full of secret meanings, small key details, nature-inspired architectural pieces - for all the reasons it's really worth taking a guided tour here with a skip-the-line ticket !

Another good option is to visit the Sagrada Familia-Guided Tour with Tower Access . If your budget does not allow you to do so, I recommend you at least get an audio guide with your Sagrada Familia ticket - I promise you will not regret it, as the information is very interesting!

Not Planning your Schedule Time

I strongly recommend that you leave at least one hour and a half for your Sagrada Familia visit if you want to discover the cathedral without rushing. You can add 30 more minutes if you want to go up to the Gaudi towers to take in the view. Please note that access to Sagrada towers is not included in your standard ticket, so make sure to book your tower ticket in advance.

Hope this will help. Have Fun!


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Mistakes To Avoid Before Travelling To Sagrada Familia