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Best Restaurants near Sagrada Familia

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The iconic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. There are many famous restaurants near Sagrada Familia, which ever visitors should know about. So we bring out here top restaurants near this Gaudi's famous church where you can enjoy with your friends and family during your visit.

Here is the list


Located just near the Sagrada Familia, the restaurant L'ensis serves a large variety of cuisine and wine to its guests. As the name suggests, this hotel is the Charm of Catalan. Owner Marysol Sanchez makes the idea of ​​making this beautiful many years ago. It is one of the most beloved restaurants in Barcelona even after many years when its open its door for the first time.

La Paradeta

The restaurant La Paradeta near Sagrada Familia is famous for its delicious sea foods since its first opened in 1994. It is the self service restaurants where hundreds of tourists and locals enjoy the best seafood in the city of Barcelona. This first rate restaurant is a must visit place on your trip to Barcelona.

La Piazzenza

Known for its tasty pizzas, the restaurant La Piazzenza is the famous italian restaurant in Barcelona. This restaurant is famous among the locals and tourists for its cheap prices. Located near the Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia, La Piazzenza is the best place to enjoy your time with family and friends, when you want to take a break on your visit to Sagrada Familia and other famous attractions.

La cupula

Famous for its quality Mediterranean food, the restaurant La Cupula is located just one street away from the Sagrada Familia park. The restaurant is also known for its amazing interior. If you want to enjoy good wine and local Italian cuisine, then La Cupula is the best place for you. As this restaurant is very popular, you need to make reservation before your arrival. The restaurant has a beautiful skylight dome at its top which gives the restaurants an unusual elegance.

Chill Bar and Grill

This neighborhood restaurant of Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. This modern and cool restaurant serves homemade home-made hamburgers

good tapas, and pinchos. The restaurant Chill Bar and Grill is just two minutes of distance away from the Sagrada Familia. You can have your food on the restaurant's terrace in the pleasant weather and enjoy the panoramic views of the Sagrada Familia Church. You can also enjoy your food in the interior with dim lights and beautifully decorated walls. It is a perfect place to hangout with friends and to have a drink after work.

Plan a trip to explore the famous Sagrada Familia and enjoy delicious foods in these restaurants to make your trip more enjoyable.


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Best Restaurants near Sagrada Familia