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Best Places to Visit in Italy

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A weekend break in Italy is an ideal short run getaway to perhaps the prettiest spot on the planet. Italy offers something to everybody who come to visit this lovely spot. It has antiquated urban areas, moving slopes, turquoise water and the best nourishment on the planet. The Italian pastas and pizzas are celebrated all over.
To show you the best piece of Italy for an end of the week trip, I have picked some extraordinary spots for you. Here is a rundown of best places to Visit in Italy during end of the week break.
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Gondola ride in venice
Gondola ride in venice


On the off chance that you are searching for a spot with the sun, sand and ocean then there is no preferable spot over Sicily for you to make the most of your end of the week break. Located on the tip of Italy's boot, this island is home to different Greek and Roman landmarks, alluring antiquated towns and green fields.
Sicily's nourishment is for the most part Mediterranean comprising of new fish, olive oils which taste of one in heaven and a glass of cold wine with privately developed herbs. A Sicilian weekend outing offers you the opportunity to unwind on a private pool, look at wonderful almond and olive trees. The light blue sky and sea shore will give all of you the tranquility of the world.


One of a kind is a term everybody will hear when scanning for occasion goals - however on account of Venice, any reasonable person would agree that this city thoroughly merits the title of best occasion goal. Being an autonomous republic, this city has a rich past which truly clarifies about it's building shocks. From the unbelievable Fricos dispersed in houses of worship to the glory of well known Rialto, this spot draws in you towards it's excellence. Its absolutely impossible anybody should pass up this spot.


The provincial magnificence of Tuscany is compelling and even a short remain in the field will cause you to overlook the worries of regular daily existence. Its urban communities are additionally astonishing, there is so a lot of history and culture around all over. The capital city, Florence is well known for its great basilicas and chapels. In the event that you Siena after that it will enable you to attempt a portion of the locale's tasty cooking.


Pisa has become famous worldwide because of Leaning Tower, and in addition to the tower, the city includes many other interesting things that are worth seeing. Plan your trip to Pisa and explore some of the best monuments in Italy.

When you first arrive at the beautiful square of miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli), your vision will be captivated by the magnificent tower. Just don't admire it from below: climbing the tower is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we encourage you to experience. You will both enjoy the incredible climb as well as the amazing view from the top (you can buy tickets in advance as entries are limited to every half hour)!

Here the list ends. If you about other places then mention it in the comment section below. Have a happy journey!


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Best Places to Visit in Italy